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Individuals researching and applying to medical schools. 


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Build a relationship with one or more medical students for insights and long-lasting support. 

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Skip the headaches and benefit from the experience of medical students who have been in your shoes to help you craft the perfect application. 

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Individuals already in medical school.


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Learn and practice your leadership skills with the Paived platform.

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Platform Access & Utilization: 

  • $9.99 per month, for unlimited access to mentors and resources on the Paived platform
  • Mentees (pre-med students) pay no fees for working with one or more mentors, only the mutually agreed upon price for their help


  • Simply pay the amount agreed upon with your mentor - no processing fees!


Platform Access & Utilization:

  • No monthly fee, unlimited access
  • To support the platform and cover the cost of transactions between you and mentees, Paived collects a small cut of your earnings (15%)


  • Set your own price for the mentorship service requested, Paived will collect a small cut of your earnings (15%)

Love and Support From Our Users. 

I wish this was around when I was an undergrad applying to medical schools... It's the best opportunity to learn from others who are where I wanted to be! 

— Olivia, Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine